TWUCMThe Furniture Conveys the Characteristic of Taiwan

A History:
Wood Crafts of 60 Years

TWUCM is based on YEONG JIN FURNITURE FACTORY, a wooden furniture manufacturer founded in the late 50s. Starting with making dressers and dressing tables, YEONG JIN has its roots in Nantun, Taichung, the oldest region in central Taiwan. As economy grew and people’s livelihood improved, YEONG JIN made progress in products. Wooden furnishings such as radio shells, tambour doors of television set cabinets, and sewing machine cases were made in the 70s. and those even became common memories of people grow up at that time. It could be said that YEONG JIN’s works of wooden crafts have kept appearing and accompanied us for generations.

YEONG JIN laid its foundation from manufacturing and exporting wooden furnishings; however, in step with the global changes of the industry structure, the team sought to transform for a better development. Adopting decades of experienced carpentry skills, YEONG JIN expanded to making bentwood and enhanced products by developing its own design. With these efforts, in the 80s, YEONG JIN spread its production to highly developed countries such as North Europe, Europe, and Japan, and became designate manufacturer of some international furniture companies. At that time, YEONG JIN started to sense the competitiveness of branding, therefore, the team launched to build YEONG JIN’s own brand name and planned an overall arrangement of marketing in Taiwan.

An Identity:

The brand of furniture “STRAUSS” was established in 1988 by YEONG JIN. The reason to name after the Austria musician Johann Strauss is to imitate his mind of bringing the music for the Imperial and Royal Court Balls to the common people. The “STRAUSS”furnishings are designed by YEONG JIN to be oriented towards every person for all needs, referring to the lifestyles in Taiwan.

Taiwan is a beautiful island. As time passed, there were diversified peoples and cultures accumulated on the island, and these merged into a certain human style and features of Taiwan. The design of STRAUSS furniture is based on the integration of the various cultural features to encourage a new craft specialty and vision in Taiwan.

After building up the brand STRAUSS, YEONG JIN then set stores named “TWUCM” in 2006, and TWUCM stores sell not only furniture but also an attitude to create better interior space with esthetics. With support from many friends and clients, TWUCM stores were set up continually. Now, there are more than 15 stores around Taiwan, and the TWUCM team will keep the original intension to help people create aesthetics sensibility and fine interior, with open-mindedness and gratitude.

A Philosophy:
A Polished Performance of the Interior

People make furniture referring to biological environment, social needs, manufacturing skills, and aesthetic. Meanwhile, the furnishings accompany people and contain their memories in daily life. Hence, the furnishings reflect the appearance and changes of life styles.

The TWUCM team design furniture that fit to the diversified life styles in Taiwan. The designers also attend to make the furniture variable that it will be convenient to move them from a place to another. Moreover, the TWUCM team aims to connect the designers to the local industries. It is to provide fine furniture with practical utility, and also to convey the beauty of the island through the production and service.

The enthusiasm and friendliness of Taiwan people is the main motive for the STRAUSS team to create more multiple furnishings. It is expected that TWUCM will help people create their own styles of living and accompany them with memories of a good time.

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